Robert Egnacheski

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Recognition and Awards

Since 2005, Shadeland Studios has released many exceptional products which have been featured on several websites including:

plus many others!

Company History

Updated 4.2.2013

Shadeland Studios was started in Pittsburgh, PA in 2002 by Robert Egnacheski as a stock image, stock video and sound effects site. Trips were taken across state to capture nature landscapes, waterfalls, bridges and animals. As new technology emerged over the years, Shadeland Studios was able to expand the possibilities for interactive content. Being surrounded by urban envrionments and powerful technology, image capturing was taken to new digital and dynamic levels.

The start of 2004 called for a more professional feel for the Company with more focus on custom interactive applications, dropping the stock portion of the website due to low public interest. Soon after, Shadeland Studios was launching the first in-house project and website, Perrytowne.com - a website with an online cartoon and interactive games. Just months before the Company moved to Florida, Xcode (Mac OS X Developer Tools) was found to be a great tool with some great starting points for building interactive applications.

By 2005, Apple had released a few versions of OS X and Macromedia had a mobile version of Flash (Flash Lite 1.1). Early that year, Leopard, OS X 10.4, was shipped out to the public. It was a very exciting day because Dashboard Widgets were now available on the Mac. This prompted an explosion of widgets created by Mac users which were submitted to Apple's website for public download. Besides the ability to build and use widgets, the OS featured a new hardware platform that Shadeland Studios could build content for - mobile devices. Though Flash Lite 1.1 was limited, version 2.0 would soon be released which helped open up the scope of interactivity. During this time, Shadeland Studios had begun to develop custom websites for businesses such as golf shops, quilt makers, IT services and video production companies.

As 2005 came to a close, many successful items were released by Shadeland Studios including the Adult Body Mass Calculator, Mortgage Calculator and Piggy Bank Widgets along with the Sugar Glass Icon Set Series and the Flash Lite version of 'Box Catcher' the game from Perrytowne.com.

Going into the streaming media and video-on-demand age, 2007 began with video websites that would be created by Shadeland Studios, along with other entities. Shadeland Studios launched a new website, version 3, which will help to bring the user experience to a whole new level.

Through 2013, Shadeland Studios has been releasing new software as well as taking on client technology projects. Shadeland Studios plans on expanding to create more content for Mac OS X, iOS and the web.